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We have spent a lot of time here covering some awesome topics.  We have looked at avoiding some mistakes in your PPC campaigns,  How to pick the right Hosting Center,  and plenty of other good topics.  Today, I want to get back to basics just a little bit  with the PPC concepts.  There are some repetitive actions that sometimes make us forget to just do the basics, and there may be some of you that don’t actually know very much about PPC advertising yet.  Either way, I think this fundamentals blog will be a great read for both parties!

First thing, make sure that you have a specific budget set up.  Many of your clients(or your boss) may not have a huge amount of money to spend.  Most companies definitely have limited funds.  When you have money issues, then you need to tread carefully.  This does not mean to not attack the right keywords to make a profit, but it means that you want to see everything across the board perform well.  If you have your super-high traffic keywords knocking it out of the park, and everything else is draining your funds, then you have some work to do.  Run the ads that drive the clicks, and pay your budget a favor by turning off the ones that are not performing.

Keyword research is another area that is crucial if you want to have success.  If you can establish a low cost per click with a high conversion ration, you are going to be successful.  Don’t be guilty of buying keywords without doing the research first to find out if they will perform.  Keep in mind, what you end up PAYING for keywords is not necessarily what they are worth to your P&L sheet.  This is not one of those situations where you “get what you pay for” strictly speaking.

Make sure your landing pages are in order as well.  Make sure your landing pages are relevant to the product.  What do I mean?  When doing your keyword research, you may end up finding an AWESOME keyword…..lets say- “AR-15 Optics.” That is great and everything, but if your landing page is selling paintball guns, that may not end up being very good on the conversion rates.  Sure, you may end up getting tons of clicks, but your conversion rates may end up sucking.  Secondly, make sure your landing page is clear and the call to action is in plain sight.  They already clicked on your site because they are interested, so don’t make it difficult for them to spend money!  A perfect example of this is amazon.  If you have an amazon account, it takes a total of four clicks from a Google search to have your paypal charged and the item on the way.  Don’t make it difficult for people to spend money on your stuff!

Make sure you understand these basics, and you will be halfway there when you start out with a new PPC account!

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