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It might seem like there are only a handful of social media (SM) sites, but there are thousands. Some of the most popular sites in other countries, most Americans have never even heard about! Whether you want to start your own SM site for profit or just for fun, make sure you have enough bandwidth from the start. Hosting a social media site is no easy task. You might have “just” 50 users today, but that could expand to thousands in just a few weeks. In fact, things can happen so quickly that you have no time to prepare.

Start by choosing your hosting provider after doing plenty of research. Don’t do this on a whim. Make sure they can match your uptime preferences, have scalability and a solid reputation. Ask how many data serving points they have, what their real time assistance is like, and take this time to consider basic vs. virtual private servers (VPS hosting) (99.9 percent of the time, you’ll want VPS!). Finally, pick whether you want a Windows or Linux platform.

Meet Your Match

There was a time when most businesses, including SM sites, went with shared basic hosting because that was the cheapest. These days, VPS hosting is the same price—which means if you’re starting from scratch with a SM site, you may as well start with VPS hosting. Still, you want to ensure scalability is offered from your host. There’s a chance you’ll want to upgrade to dedicated hosting one day if your business really takes off. Yes, you can migrate to a different host if you’re not happy with the service and offerings, but that’s just another added task. It’s better to pinpoint the right host from the start.

Bandwidth is crucial because if and when you enjoy a traffic spike, your web host needs to be able to keep up. Calculate your visitor metrics by figuring out how many visitors you expect each day, how many pages each person will visit on average, and the median page size of your website pages. The average web page is between 30KB and 1MB (depending on JavaScript, embedded images, CSS, etc.). The average HTML single page shouldn’t be over 50KB.

Make Room!

Will your web host support the daily/monthly bandwidth you need? There are limitations with every hosting plan, so make sure you have plenty of room (as well as some buffer room!). Reliability, caching and billing can get you in a pickle if you don’t do your research. Web hosts usually have pre-determined disk space, too. This gets even trickier with basic shared hosting, since not all of the disk space is reserved for your site.

Check cPanel to get a better idea of disk space, or skip over this headache altogether and go with VPS hosting. A social media site can be a great project and eventually a great source of revenue, but not if you don’t have the necessary tools. VPS hosting is a fantastic, affordable solution that can help you avoid stumbles in the future.

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