In the autumn of 2014, it was announced that Amazon Web Services (AWS) was slated to offer hosting in Germany, and there was a minor media hubbub—and then crickets. So, is the Deutsch version of AWS fully functioning? Yes, indeed, and perhaps all being quiet on the home front is a good sign. A number of German-based companies are looking into switching to AWS, especially after the German hacking that took place last year, and AWS is welcoming clients near and far with open arms.

Frankfurt, Germany becomes the latest AWS Region. (Photo: Flickr, Will Palmer).

Frankfurt, Germany becomes the latest AWS Region. (Photo: Flickr, Will Palmer).

Your host’s hardware matters, and obviously Amazon can afford to offer clients (whether on shared or dedicated servers) the absolute best. Based in Frankfurt, European customers are being directed to the brand new EU Region of AWS, which is complementary to the EU Region based in Ireland. Customers can create multi-region applications with the guarantee that their content will stay in the EU, which is critical for some companies concerned with data privacy jurisdictions.


Willkommen to Amazonian Support!

The Frankfurt Regions offers support for Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon Elastic Computer Cloud (EC2), Auto Scaling and Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)—just for starters. A smorgasbord of support and other services are also available from Amazon Route 53 to DynamoDB. Basically, EU customers can enjoy nearly the same support as AWS customers in the US. All sizes are available for support, too, including T2, I2, C3, M3 and R3. With EC2 instances, they need to be launched in Virtual Private Cloud in Germany.

For Amazon Route 53 and Amazon CloudFront, there are an additional three edge locations in Germany. The smooth launch of all these services and support options is likely due to honing launch skills. After all, this is Amazon’s eleventh Region. As usual, it was based on what the company calls “rigorous compliance” and customers enjoy the fact that “Every AWS Region is designed and built to meet rigorous compliance standards including ISO 27001, SOC 1, PCI DSS Level 1” and others. Of course, EU Data Protection laws are also enforced, which AWS is highly familiar with thanks to their previously launched Ireland Region.


A Warm Welcome 

According to Amazon, a number of European organizations were quick to jump on the Frankfurt offering. For example, mytaxi is one of the most beloved taxi booking applications in the EU. They have over 10 million customers and more than 45,000 taxis on the streets. AWS has helped them cater to their worldwide customers (like those travelers booking in advance from overseas!) all in real-time. According to mytaxi, they’re sure the Frankfurt Region will help them improve their customer service.

There’s also Wunderlist, which transitioned to AWS because, in their own words, it offered “fantastic technology stack.” Since the AWS launch in Germany, Wunderlist have developed a deployment model that’s agile and lets them deploy a slew of new codes multiple times each day. This means minimal risk and more experimentation—getting new products to customers at a faster pace. Not only do they say AWS will help them serve their customers better, but they also note that it will “inspire” the German startup community.

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