Cloud hosting has changed the game around the world, but there are unique challenges and opportunities in Australia. In particular, Australians have been embracing cloud computing technology for the past few years, and the International Data Center (IDC) reports that a whopping 86 percent of all Aussie enterprises utilize the cloud. That was a huge leap from just one year ago and also puts Australia well ahead of cloud adoption compared to other developed countries. In fact, many cloud critics say it takes too much time, costs too much, and is too confusing to ultimately switch to the cloud.

Australia is handling the "cloud" rolling in with ease. (Photo: Flickr Creative Commons, September Melbourne Storms).

Australia is handling the “cloud” rolling in with ease. (Photo: Flickr Creative Commons, September Melbourne Storms).

However, obviously cloud adoption keeps increasing as the tech becomes more readily available—and as competition scoops it up. According to an early 2015 Gartner survey, the top tier IT personnel throughout the Asia-Pacific (Australia) area still leads the pack when investing in cloud tech. In total, 31 percent of CEOs in this region say that a lot of their budget is earmarked for cloud tech. Compare that to cloud investment around the world at 25 percent, and it’s clear that Australia’s ahead.

Australians are Looking Up 

Obviously, big name cloud providers like Amazon are really driving this trend. The biggest cloud providers boast insanely large data centers and seem to be keeping pace with each other, ultimately forcing one another to keep optimizing and bettering themselves. In Australia, Amazon was the first cloud option and had a goal of capturing most of the market—but Rackspace was nipping at their heels just a year later.

However, for many Australian enterprises (and others around the world), the real ticket was making this technology affordable. This led to a price war and the ultimate winner was Aussie businesses. They got competitive prices, great customer service, and a choice when it came down to it. According to CRN, in order to stay relevant Rackspace offered two cloud service levels in Australia: Managed operations and Managed infrastructure. This was to set them apart from Amazon, but Aussies remained pretty split between the two.

Going Local

Of course, there will always be an embracement of supporting local including with web hosting options. There are a number of small Aussie web hosting businesses ready for the challenge. The biggest hurdle is standing out amidst all the competition. This has led innovative startups to customize to markets and individuals with items like reseller programs. Plus, conveniently geo-local servers offers better performance than even supersized web hosts can muster.

It’s expected that by 2020, web hosting businesses and users alike will benefit largely from so many cloud solutions. Australia is serious about the cloud without the same hesitations observed in many other countries. This kind of acceptance might secure major economical boosts as well as create a welcome atmosphere for startups and small businesses. If other regions and countries adopt a similar attitude, it may result in a mutually beneficial relationship as well as ultimately put non-cloud hosting solutions into the past.

No matter where a user is located, it’s critical to research your host and ensure quality, speed and affordability on all fronts. That’s the trifecta, and if you’re missing even one it can mean a disaster for your web presence.

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