August 2016 Income Report of a Digital Nomad

San Marcos, Guatemala

San Marcos Guatemala Digital Nomad

San Marcos Guatemala Digital Nomad

Income Report Digital Nomad

August was a weird Month for

After having a strong July, we encountered some really rough patches with conversion during August.

Moreover, the clicks increased on the affiliate link by 15.5% but our conversion plummeted to 0.73%. (55% less than July)

So, on one hand, we diverted a substantial amount of extra traffic to the site’s “money link”, but we weren’t able to convert it  into revenue.

Both great news and a fx$nidk!! challenge!

Surprisingly, we only made 10 affiliate sales during August which was about half of what we produced in July.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 6.34.42 AM

The good news in all of this is that we are still profitable after the site expenses.

As you can see above, the 10 sales (actions) resulted in $1000 in commission. (We receive a $100 payout per signup)

After about $900 in monthly expenses for running, August could be seen as a bad month OR it could be seen as a minor step backwards and a challenge to get better.

I choose the 2nd option. Entrepreneurship = Problem Solving.

I’m all in…

Because I like momentum, this signal of consecutive profitable months, tells me that with a little creative investigative work, I can tweak what DIDN’T WORK in August and improve it for September.

The way I see it, If I can revert the site’s conversion rate back to 1.6%, with August’s traffic, the sales would have topped 22 for the month of August.

Should we have gotten 22 sales, we would have topped our goal of 21. (21 sales triggers the $125/sale commission bracket)

22 sales would have yielded $2750 in income for in August.

As you can see…one little part in the affiliate conversion funnel held us back from that income level.

I intend on examining what part didn’t work during August and bringing it back to full speed for September.

Income Report Digital Nomad

Income Report Digital Nomad

Admittedly, I have not been as inspired these last 2 weeks to post content and so …I didn’t post content.

Maybe it was the lackluster performance of the conversion funnel that had me a bit down.

Darkness is the candle, though…

Interestingly, I recently met a blog writer who escaped her corporate ladder situation in New York.

Her and I just had a quick random chat about what we do for a living and surprisingly, there was some really good synergy after just 5 minutes.

We’ve agreed to keep sharing ideas about content creation and possibly collaborating together while here on Lake Atitlan.

Having another perspective on the blog, especially one with the “corporate escape” story would be phenomenal.

Hopefully we can make it work so that you don’t just have to read my lame stories only… 😛

Once I get to the bottom of this drop-off in conversion, I will post an article on my findings.

Hosting Income Comparison

Hosting Income Comparison


As you can see there was a bright spot in August with traffic and there was also a conversion and revenue glitch to fix.

For now…Im off into the world of dissecting the affiliate conversion process.

I pray to Maximon (look him up – a little culture never hurt nobody) that you enjoyed the Digital Nomad Income Report for August 2016.

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