That’s me 🙂

My name is Sean Robinson and I’ve been building and running my own blogs and websites since 2004, and have been doing it full-time for over a decade.

Back when I was at University the internet was just taking off again after the Dotcom Crash (this was waaaaay before smart phones, Facebook, or anything else) and I was curious about how websites were actually built and made. I made my first website just for fun about a hobby of mine at the time – video games. Suddenly, the site took off and I was getting thousands of visits per week, sometimes in one day.

I thought it was pretty cool and it almost become an addiction – trying to make my site as useful as it could possibly be for my visitors (a strategy that still serves me very well today). Eventually I worked out how to monetize the traffic that my website was receiving and everything took off from there.

One of my sites with over 600 people reading it at once

What started off as a hobby and curiosity about how the internet worked has turned into a full blown career. Everything I know is self-taught and that is thanks to blogs (just like this one), forums, Twitter, and other free resources that you can find online. I was actually studying law at Uni would you believe, nothing to do with technology or programming! That’s the beauty of the internet – all the information for you to learn and achieve anything is out there, you just need to find it and apply it.

It’s easier said than done because the hard part is separating the junk from the good information. There is a lot of scams, outdated data and just plain bad advice out there. I have lived and breathed building websites by myself for myself for over 14 years now (creating dozens of sites and amassing hundreds of millions of page views along the way), so like to think that whatever I post here will truly help and be beneficial for you.

Nearly 200 million page views on this site for the period

By starting Hostt I want to share some of the useful things that I’ve learned, so that others can get their own blog site up and running quickly and easily. I hope you find my content truly useful and if you want to get in touch for any reason, please contact me.