Web hosting is an ongoing expense for businesses, from the cost of storing the website to the ongoing cost of domain hosting. Hostt’s free web hosting gives businesses a web hosting environment without the ads and pop ups that come with many free hosting plans. Each plan contains a full range of features to make managing your website easier, including easy setup and unlimited hosting.


Our Story

We offer one thing and we try to do it well…

Clarity when starting a website. 

Over 25,000 people per month choose Hostt to learn how to best start their site.

Our review crew is available to give you the best options for setting up a blog, a web store or just a well-designed professional site.

We don’t get paid to write the reviews…simply put: We Report. You Decide.

We help you get your host, start your site and begin to optimize for traffic.

Call us if you need friendly and FREE advice on setting up your site.

800-615-8687   — Mike and Steve

Head Office - Miami Beach, Florida

Hostt Main Office Map

Head Office

910 West Avenue

Miami Beach FL 33139

Our Global Team


Peter Daisyme


I’m best known as a numbers guy that loves to have a good time with friends. I keep the books safe and the hosting account numbers even. If you ever need help with number, ping me@peterdaisyme.


Franklin Manuel


Franklin is an expert when it comes to designing responsive WordPress themes. He has designed and developed beautiful websites for clients in the financial, human resource, real estate, and telecom sectors for over half a decade. If you have any questions related to your website or blog, please reach him on Twitter @askfranklin


Drew Hendricks


I’m an entrepreneur and content marketing consultant. I’ve also written for many major publishers such as Forbes, Technorati and The Huffington Post. I have also worked with a variety of different startups around the globe as well as larger advertising agencies in the United States and the UK. I currently live in San Francisco where I attend as many tech and business conferences as possible to gain more knowledge and transfer my knowledge to other people. If you ever want to find me in my free time look for the nearest disc golf course or dog park where I frequently take my dog, Zeus.


Jessica Tyner

Lead Author

I’m a freelance writer with ten years of professional experience. I specialize in SEO, blogging, technical documents, travel writing and journalism. I have lived in SE Asia, Central America, Europe and the US while working with a variety of travel companies. I’m also an amateur boxer, have published a book of poetry with Tayen Lane Publishing (as well as in several magazines and journals), and teach a weekly karmic (free) yoga class.

max proifle pic

Max Losk

Lead Designer

Max served as the lead designer in April 2016’s redesign of Hostt.com.

Max serves clients from his NYC design studio maxlosk.com and can be found offering a killer web experience for those lucky enough to contract with him.


Mike Orozco

Business Development

Mike is just a dude who plays low-level beach volleyball, likes boating to remote islands and enjoys a quality Demerara rum while eating grilled veggies.

He proudly brings a 2-week-old business background to the Hostt team and is accountable for leading the company towards it’s mission of providing:

Clarity when starting a New Website. 

Really, 2 weeks?


steve profile pic

Steve Stacy

Google Guru and Marketing Wizard

Steve is a Captain in the United States Navy and is also our SEO + Marketing expert.

When enjoying time away from work, Steve also plays pro-level beach volleyball, traveling to Europe and spending time boating around the waters of Miami Beach.

When it comes to SEO, Steve’s 15 years in the industry have provided Hostt the ability to capture the free hosting search rankings and maintain them.

Steve also graduated from Oklahoma University in 1936…or was it ’37…so long ago, really..  🙂

john rampton profile

John Rampton

“The GodFather”

John started this whole thing called Hostt. He saw the vision, deployed  the capital and started the business.

While in startup phase, Mr Rampton successfully got Hostt.com in the top of Google Rankings for very competitive hosting search terms — All within one year!

Who does that?!?

John does.

That’s why he is “The GodFather”.  🙂

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