8 Factors Your Website Needs

Even with advances like WordPress, which let you easily create a blog/website and manage it yourself, there are some small businesses that would benefit greatly from having one, several or all of the following types of people involving with their website. To really make the most of your digital footprint, you should ensure that all bases are covered. That said, here’s the top factors and roles to consider when looking to really perfect your website.

  1. Web developer: Yes, you can technically make and manage websites, yourself, but that’s true of a lot of things—like cutting your own hair! Just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should. Many websites need constant tweaking and management, and you may not be the best person to do it. Find a web developer who prioritizes responsive design.
  2. SEO Guru: Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical for anyone who cares about their online presence. While there are certainly some aspects of this that you can do yourself, a great SEO professional or agency can really give your site an extra nudge upwards in the search engine rankings. Just be careful though, there is a lot of average SEOs out there, and some can even do more harm than good!
  3. Mobile developer: In a mobile-first world, you can’t ignore the fact that the majority of your audience is using mobile devices to visit your site. Some mobile development should be rolled into your web development (like creating mobile versions of your site). However, if you want an app, you’ll want to hire a separate professional for that task.
  4. Web host: Who hosts your site matters, you want fast site loading, solid uptime and good support. BlueHost is a great place to start.
  5. Web writer: From landing page content, to product descriptions and business blog posts, it takes a writer skilled in web writing to get the best results. Content (largely text, images and video) is foundational for great SEO and customer relations. You’ve likely been on a site with shoddy writing, and you know how unprofessional it looks.
  6. Social media manager: Your website should be interwoven with your business’ social media profile(s). Hire an expert who has a proven track record of getting concrete results with social media management. It takes a lot more than posting daily. Knowing your social media analytics, and manipulating them, is critical. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time.
  7. Graphic designer: A graphic designer can whip up infographics, create an updated logo for branding, make images for blog posts, and be on call for any visuals you may need. In the age of Instagram and TikTok, visuals are huge for site and need to be on point.
  8. Reputation management (ORM): Your online reputation is almost all that matters, but you may not have the time, skills, or technology to do it yourself. Professional reputation management companies can address issues as they pop up and help clean up your online profile.
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By Samantha Radisch

Samantha has been interested in technology and computers for as long as she can remember, and made her first blog in 2013. Instantly loving the freedom and ability to create whatever she wanted online, and being able to earn a living too, Sam has never stopped learning about all the various aspects that make up blogging. She hopes to share some helpful things she has picked up along the way on Hostt.

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