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You’ve heard about virtual private server/VPS hosting, and you’re ready to make the switch—only to find out your web host doesn’t offer VPS. They have basic and dedicated, with no middle ground. For many web hosts who don’t put their customers first, this is common. In fact, most web hosts in North America don’t have VPS hosting as an option. It’s more work on their end, potentially more hardware, and due to advances in technology they have to offer VPS hosting at the same price as basic to stay competitive. In other words, it’s not doing them any favors.

Only web hosts who are truly committed to customer satisfaction are on the VPS bandwagon. However, if you want to switch, there are a few things your current host may not want you to know. After all, they want you to stay, even if that means sticking you with a basic package that doesn’t give you nearly as many perks as a VPS package.

Here are a few things non-VPS hosts are keeping from you, and what’s critical to understand before you switch:

  • Basic is less secure: Basic plans force you to share a physical server with sometimes countless other clients. You don’t really know what everyone else is doing, and there’s minimal separation between you and other clients. Hands down, VPS is more secure, but what host is going to tell you that?
  • Basic means less resources: Again, there can be problems when you’re sharing a physical server. With VPS hosting, you’re technically sharing a physical server as well—but it’s been split into numerous virtual servers that act like dedicated servers. With basic plans, if one client is sucking up a bunch of the resources, you’re left with less.
  • They cost the same: There might be some slight price differences in basic vs. VPS, but they’re negligible. In years past, VPS was a lot more expensive than basic, and some non-VPS hosts still use old facts and figures to get you to stay. The reality is that VPS hosting should easily fit into any budget.
  • They’re not the same thing: Another ploy is to tell clients that basic and VPS are basically the same thing. They’re not. In fact, VPS has a lot more in common with dedicated hosting than with basic plans. A host should be happy to explain the differences and be transparent about comparisons.
  • You’ll get faster speeds with VPS: Basic is the slowest option, and that trickles down to your business and customers. Of course, no host wants to readily admit that. If it’s faster website speeds you’re after, VPS is the go-to choice (unless of course you can swing a dedicated plan, which few can).
  • The customer service might be better: In some cases, VPS packages come with superior customer service including 24/7 dedicated technicians. However, you should expect superior customer service no matter what. The first sign that you’re not getting it? You have a web host who’s trying to get you to stay with basic when you want to upgrade.

Comparison shopping can be taxing, but it’s worth it. You and your business deserve a web host who’s honest, open, and offers great VPS packages.

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