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Web host mistakes can be made, but sometimes it’s the fault of the hose while other times it’s the fault of the website owner. Avoiding these mistakes can sometimes be pretty easy—assuming you’re willing to learn from the blunders of those who came before you. A subpar website isn’t going to be “saved” by a web host, and a web host shouldn’t rely on a top of the line web designer to make up for their sloppy service. It’s a two-way street with plenty of room for finger pointing.

Here are some of the biggest, most common “web host” mistakes that keep happening. While they’re often blamed on the web host, that’s not always the culprit. Are you at risk of falling into one of these traps?

  1. Zero purpose

If your website doesn’t have a purpose, then a web host isn’t going to be able to provide one. No amount of fast page loads and zero down time is going to force a visitor to buy a product or service. It’s your job to make it clear what’s being sold, why it’s worth buying and to encourage users to peruse the website. If your website isn’t to that point, you don’t even need a host (yet).

  1. Poor site design

Maybe there’s a purpose to your website, but it’s unattractive and driving away customers. If your site isn’t what your customers are looking for and what they want, they’ll go elsewhere. Plus, flash, pop-ups, massive images and videos can all slow down the page load time and there’s nothing your host can do about that.

  1. Big company, shared server

Using a shared server is a great way to save money and a smart option for many startups. However, there may come a time when only a dedicated server will do. It’s up to you to broach that subject with your web host. You don’t want them badgering you with hard sales when you don’t need to upgrade, so consider the ball in your court.

  1. Servers are always down

There are, unfortunately, some web host companies that have a lot more down time than others. Oftentimes these are free packages, which is a reminder that you’re getting what you pay for. No website can afford down time, so aim for a company that guarantees over 99 percent up time. As a bonus, if you can get reimbursed for any downtime beyond that, it can balance things out.

  1. Bad customer service

If there’s bad customer service on anyone’s end, it’s bad for business. If you experience poor service when talking to your web host, it might be time to move on. You shouldn’t have to deal with complaining to managers or hoping the next help call is better. Likewise, if you’re not offering great service to your customers, a fantastic web host isn’t going to help you much.

  1. Poor security

Just like with service, security is everyone’s responsibility. Some web hosts don’t offer the protection necessary to keep your site and business guarded. You’re responsible for security from your end of things, too. One slip up can take a business down, so remember there’s no such thing as too much security.

The biggest mixups and mistakes with web hosting is often buried deep in the recesses of a business. Just remember that going with a reputable company and paying a fair price will keep you and your customers sitting pretty. It’s not worth risking your business to save a few bucks or time spent on research.

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