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Curious if your business or venture is a good fit for virtual private servers/VPS hosting? It’s not for everyone—but it’s definitely a great fit for the vast majority of businesses. Gone are the days where there was a big price difference between VPS hosting and basic shared hosting. Today, the two are on par. Or the difference is so slim it won’t impact your budget. Still, as a business owner or IT manager, you want to make sure you’re getting the best hosting option for your business and budget.

If you’re shopping for a first-time web hosting solution or thinking about upgrading from basic shared hosting, now is the perfect time. VPS hosting technology is advanced, affordable and more secure than basic shared hosting. Plus, if you have system administration background in your business, you can completely control your hosting from the inside out.

Here are a few business structures that are likely great fits for VPS hosting:

  1. Startups: Startup businesses are in the unique position of being able to choose prime technology from the get-go. Avoid the hassle of upgrades and get your venture started on the right foot. Of course, with a quality web host, scalability should be a given anyway (making the “hassle” part of changing plans moot). That being said, there’s zero benefit to going with basic shared plans over VPS, so why pay the same for an inferior product?
  2. Established small businesses: Already been in business a while, but think your mom and pop joint could be a little better with an online presence? VPS hosting gives you more control, more security and faster speeds. There’s a good chance potential customers have stumbled across your site and clicked away from it if you have high amounts of downtime or slow page speeds. Give your online presence an overhaul with VPS hosting without upping your budget.
  3. Mid-sized businesses: Most mid-sized businesses can get everything they need from VPS hosting. You’re not quite big enough to demand dedicated hosting—and chances are, your budget wouldn’t allow it anyway! However, at this size you definitely need something more than basic shared hosting plans. If you’re considered mid-sized, you can’t upgrade to VPS fast enough. Plus, it’s going to be the easiest strategy for maximum results.
  4. Sole proprietors: Whether you are a freelance graphic artist, plan to monetize a blog or are some other type of one man (or woman) show, VPS hosting is a fantastic option for your web presence. When you’re doing it all, you need a web hosting solution that will pick up the slack. You might not have dreams of becoming a true small or mid-sized business, but that doesn’t mean your online presence can be lacking.
  5. Some big businesses: You’re not an enterprise or sprawling corporation, but you have a few hundred (maybe even thousand) employees. Dedicated hosting is really expensive, and can easily topple a larger company. However, you need much more security, speed and control than what basic shared plans offer. VPS hosting is the perfect way to meet in the middle.

Is your business’ online presence in need of an overhaul? Adding VPS hosting by far gives you the most bang for your buck.


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