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Even major corporations can go down—but when it lasts more than a few minutes, it’s a huge problem. Sometimes when a website “crashes,” it’s actually the server that’s become overloaded. There are some famous examples of this happening, and even years later businesses might be stuck back peddling. This is why having a great web host is so crucial and why every business needs to asses what type of server is best for them.

If you’ve been in the unfortunate situation to have a server down, you know how frustrating it can be. However, it probably wasn’t as bad as some of the worst case scenarios. Check out these examples of sites with the longest and most frustrating of downtimes. It’ll make you feel a little better, but also provide encouragement to better your web host situation:

  1. PlayStation 

PlayStation is one of the many companies that depends on Amazon web hosting, and it’s crashed more than once. When PlayStation’s server went down last, it took days for it to recover. This just wasn’t working for the millions of PS fans who depend on the server for their gaming, entertainment and shopping needs. However, it still wasn’t enough to lure PS fans over to other platforms for good.

  1. Hotmail

It might not seem like it not, but there was a time when having a Hotmail account wasn’t seen as an oddity. Hotmail’s famous server crash left people without email access for nearly a week. During this time, there was no way to see or respond to any emails no matter how crucial they may have been. It was disastrous for freelancers and small business owners who depend on their email as their livelihood.

  1. Reddit 

Sometimes there can be so much activity on Reddit that it loads slowly, but when the server actually goes down that’s another problem. Yet another Amazon server user, Reddit recently went down for two days which had users scrambling for another outlet. Fortunately Reddit has a loyal enough base that even a couple of days couldn’t put a dent in its popularity, but minor sites aren’t as lucky.

  1. Twitter

Twitter has gone down a few times, most famously during the Oscars with the mega celebrity selfie. Was the Academy trying to show off their power by crashing one of the top social media platforms in the US? If so, it worked, and Twitter users raced to other social media sites to tag and gossip about the latest Twitter crash.

  1. Four Square 

Geo-based websites are also at the mercy of their web host, and when Four Square went down the users banded together on other sites. While it took longer to get Four Square back up and running than initially thought, it also bounced back. It’s going to take more than one server crash to permanently harm major sites, but it’s the little guys that often get lost in the shuffle.

When choosing a web host, make sure there’s a written guarantee of uptime. If that’s not delivered, you should be receiving some type of compensation. Unlike these major players, it might not be so quick and easy to recover. Losing reputation points, customers and revenue is no laughing matter, so make sure uptime is optimal.

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