Finding the perfect web host is kind of like finding the perfect partner: You may have had to kiss a lot of frogs, but that’s not the case if you were smart and committed to looking for the right match from the start. Still, it can seem miraculous when you do find that perfect fit. Your dream web host is affordable, the customer service is flawless, and the packages fit your needs while giving you and your clients everything you could want. How can you secure one of these power couple relationships for yourself?

Just like any relationship, it’s easy to get jaded when you’ve been burned in the past. Are you traumatized by a free web host package that ended up being a nightmare with an abundance of down time and page speeds that barely crawled? Maybe you got tricked into signing up for a dedicated server package when all you wanted was a host for your meme website. It happens to the best of us, but don’t give up hope.

Here are signs that you’ve found the perfect web host for good:

  1. Your gut tells you it’s right

Don’t underestimate instinct when it comes to business transactions or relationships. If a web host feels right and the package is serving you well, go with it. There isn’t always another shoe waiting to drop. However, just make sure it’s the whole company and not just a particularly helpful technician that you’ve fallen for. You deserve the whole package.

  1. They offer a package that suits you

Whether you need free hosting or an unmanaged dedicated server, the perfect web host has options including the one that suits you for now. However, if and when your needs change, they’re ready to step up to the plate with a better match. It’s all about compromise in relationships, and the web host needs to do their part.


  1. The price is fair

Don’t overpay for web hosting, but don’t slip on those rose colored glasses for promises of freebies. A quality web host has fair prices, not lowball ones. They’re designed to fit within the budget of you, your business size and needs. Obviously you don’t want (or need) to spend as much as a mega corporation for your personal blog hosting. A good web host gets that.


  1. The customer service is spot on

Just as important as the end results of web hosting (past page loads, etc.) is the quality of the customer service. Is the staff professional, knowledgeable and friendly? Do they respect your time and your business? Do they answer outreach quickly? If so, that’s going to serve you well should an emergency ever pop up.


  1. They’re available

It doesn’t matter how friendly a web host is or how great the packages are if you can never get ahold of them. In an ideal world, you can contact someone any time of day or night and even on holidays. At the very least, they shouldn’t keep banker hours and offer a variety of ways to communicate such as video chatting and phone calls without forcing you to navigate a maze of automation.


Think you’ve found the perfect web host? That’s a relationship worth preserving.

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