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Are you over the slow speeds and lack of control with basic shared hosting? For many businesses, growth means upgrades. Virtual private servers (VPS hosting) are a fantastic solution for small and mid-sized businesses alike. In fact, the next rung up from VPS is dedicated hosting which—given the exorbitant fees associated with it—is largely reserved for enterprise operations. However, how do you know if an upgrade is the right move for you?

There are plenty of signs:

  1. You want more control over your hosting: You don’t necessarily need to have a background as a systems administrator, but if you want root access and don’t want to wait for a third party to complete your tech requests, you may need VPS. There are also “managed VPS accounts,” which still gives you control and also the first class management at your fingertips so you can give commands (instead of just fulfilling them).
  2. Your site is slow: A slow website means your search engine optimization (SEO) is taking a hit. This moves your website down the rankings, loses you customers and revenues, and is really frustrating for every visitor. There are many things that impact site speed, but having a shared hosting plan may be one of them. When one resource is shared by a bunch of clients, nobody has flawless service (or fast speeds!).
  3. You’re worried about security: There’s no way to guarantee total safety with web hosting, not even with dedicated hosting. However, there are varying levels of security—and VPS is simply more secure than basic shared hosting. Technically, you’re “sharing” a physical server with VPS, but it’s divided into multiple virtual private servers so you have all the security of having “your own” server. This is especially important for financial websites or any website holding sensitive data.
  4. You’re tired of paying for a subpar product: There was a time when cost savings was a good reason to go with basic shared hosting, but those days are over. Today, VPS is often the same cost as basic shared plans, or the difference is so small it’s negligible. Why pay the same price for a worse product?
  5. You’re overhauling your website: If you’re re-branding, you need to come back stronger than ever. A new website is a big undertaking, and you don’t want it to fall flat. Take this transition period and make the most of it with better hosting, more security, more control, and higher speeds.

Are you ready to make the shift? Many quality web hosts offer VPS hosting, but you still need to shop around. Make sure you’re getting the most virtual bang for your buck, and find a web host that can be your partner for the long haul.


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