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Does it seem like everyone else has floated up to the cloud but you’re still stuck firmly on solid ground? The longer you wait, whether professionally or personally, the more left behind you’ll be. Fortunately, it won’t get “harder” to transition to the cloud (it’s actually a very fast and simple process) but it can certainly keep you from being competitive in your field. Whether you’re a business owner, freelancer, student or simply want to dominate your personal finances and home, cloud technology including cloud hosting can make your life a lot easier.

Here are some of the best reasons to switch to cloud hosting—and how they can save you a bundle of money and time. Just like any transition, there will be a learning curve, but with the cloud it’s not very severe. With cloud computing, you can nix upfront costs of infrastructure as a new business and instead focus on projects that are most important. A faster setup time, better manageability and decreased maintenance is also on the docket.

  1. Save space

Literally saving space is one of the biggest reasons many opt into cloud technology. Instead of having file cabinets filled with hard copies, servers galore and huge printers necessary for making copies, it’s all in the cloud. You share resources with others via a remote server (or you can pay more for your own dedicated cloud host), all of the paperwork is virtual and can be instantly shared with whomever you choose, and for the most part you can embrace a paperless environment.

  1. It’s greener

Speaking of paperless, cloud technology is naturally eco-friendly. There’s much less (if any) paper copies, printer maintenance, and wasted copies. Now that everyone has instant access to documents via the cloud, viewable on their mobile device of choice, it means your carbon footprint will be much lighter. Which brings us to the next benefit:

  1. Wooing investors and customers 

People, whether they’re investors or customers, want to work with a green business if possible. If you highlight your eco-friendly status (compliments of cloud technology), you can lure in more business, more revenue, more support and help build your reputation in a green light. It’s much easier, more effective and requires less manpower than something like installing solar panels or kickstarting a massive recycling program.

  1. Indulge in telecommuting 

There are many job titles that don’t really require coming into the office. Working from home (or anywhere else) is made possible with cloud technology. In fact, often times the only professionals who need to be on-site 100 percent of the time are those who work with clients or customers in person. Otherwise, telecommuting can lure in the best candidates, keep employees happier (and more productive) and (once again) help lighten carbon footprints with less commuting.

  1. It’s a money saver 

There are many types of “cloud hosting” options, but the biggest money saver is arguably sharing resources with other clients. It’s kind of like having a timeshare, but for business resources. You still get the features you want, and you can even choose how much sharing you want to do. When the resources are split out, you’ll enjoy a lower bill without wasting any resources.

Is cloud technology for you? The answer is a resounding, “Yes!” but don’t choose blindly. Just like any other industry, service and product, not all cloud technology is created equally. Do your homework to find the best match for you.

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