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In an ideal world, the web host you’re considering is completely transparent and you feel comfortable asking them all the “stupid questions” that pop up. In reality, a lot of people are intimidated by the web hosting industry, and some web hosts thrive (and profit!) on customers being confused. There are many questions about virtual private server/VPS hosting that are left unanswered. This leaves customers sticking with basic shared plans when they might greatly benefit from VPS.

Here are some of the most common questions about VPS answered. If you have a website and a basic shared plan, it might be time to upgrade. Learn the basics of VPS before you start shopping around, but remember that a communicative web host is critical. If they won’t answer your questions now, when they’re supposed to be wooing you, what will happen if an issue occurs?

  1. Where’s the “virtual” in VPS: VPS and basic shared plans start out with the same concept. You have a physical server that you will be sharing (in some ways) with other people. However, a basic shared plan means you’re sharing that same physical server with no separation at all. VPS also has a single physical server, but it’s split into many “virtual servers,” providing separation between each client. Think of it like a pizza. With a basic shared plan, nobody sliced the pizza and therefore everyone is digging in, taking bits and pulling apart the pie at random. VPS hosting is like a sliced pizza where everyone gets their own piece—and their fair share.

Which would you prefer?

  1. Is VPS more like basic shared plans or dedicated servers? VPS acts almost identical to a dedicated plan. You get the same security, the same speed and the same premium service. The only difference is that you don’t have those staggeringly high fees that come with a dedicated server (because you don’t actually own a server).
  1. Does it cost more than a basic shared plan? Prices will vary host to host, but for the most part the price difference (if any!) between basic and VPS is negligible. If you can afford a basic shared plan that’s high quality, you can afford VPS. There are some free basic plans out there, but those should only be used for very basic sites with little to no traffic.
  1. Is switching going to be a pain? It shouldn’t, but again that depends on the host. If you need or want to switch web hosts to get VPS, the web host should take care of all the dirty work for you. This is especially true if you get a managed plan, which is rarer.
  1. What’s a managed plan? A managed plan, for both VPS and dedicated, is exactly what it sounds like. The web host or other third party is managing all the maintenance and upgrades for you. It’s a must for anyone without a systems admin background.

Right now is the perfect time to switch, save, and give your website customers the experience they deserve.

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