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Does the idea of having your own dedicated server (managed or not) get your blood pumping? For some geeks, it’s the ultimate toy, but it comes at an ultimate price, too. There’s a reason almost no business benefits from a dedicated server, and it starts with sticker shock. There are some models that are just shy of $200,000—you could easily buy your own commercial space for that. For small business owners who haven’t breached the “3,000 unique visitors per day every day” mark, a shared server is more than good enough.

Frustration is "served"...if you go with a dedicated server you manage yourself.

Frustration is “served”…if you go with a dedicated server you manage yourself.

From knowing when to dump your web host to smart comparison shopping for shared servers, the last thing you need to add to your plate is the temptation to go dedicated. Save that kind of commitment for your other half (or getting a pet). Here are some of the most expensive servers that we give our users free at Hostt, and a reminder of why you don’t need them elsewhere:


  1. Cisco UCS-B420 M3 Blade 

Cisco dishes up a variety of expensive servers, and this one is available for the bargain price of just under $31,000. With 10 GB HDD, 512 GB Ram and four-socket computing, even Cisco admits it’s designed for enterprises. In other words, this isn’t the dedicated server for mom and pop shops. If you’re working with a budget, think about a freemium model or a low cost shared server instead.


  1. ipConfigure 6dr/8bay

What’s the cost of 32 GB Ram, 2U, RAID5 and VGA all on a Windows 2008 server? How about a little over $14,000? There are many more things you could spend this kind of cash on, like overhauling your website to make the search engine optimization (SEO) and mobile readiness better. In fact, just about any upgrade option is better than spending what amounts to a budget car’s price on your own server.


  1. Hewlett Packard Proliant S1260x15 

This Multipack option tries to market itself for “any business” that has trouble with cooling or not getting enough power. Yes, it features 8 GB Ram, has dual-core Intel CPU technology, 2 GHz and 500 GB HDD, but do you really need all that to yourself? Get a better server on a shared model and save big while letting someone else deal with the maintenance.  These are perfect for all our free WordPress hosting customers.


  1. Dell PowerEdge VRTX M620

For a steal of $13,799, you can get a server with 300 GB HDD, 64 GB Ram, complete with RAID6 and Quad-core options. It’s advertised as “the first integrated IT solution designed specifically for remote-office and small-office environments,” but what kind of small business can spend almost $14,000 on a server when a shared model is almost always better for them?


  1. Supermicro SuperStorage 

This “Supermicro” server doesn’t come with a super micro price—in fact, the average retail price is $13,769. It’s rack mountable with 64 GB HDD, 64 GB Ram and Quad-core processors, but when the leading marketing perk is “reliable” then that’s a red flag. Any server should be reliable, and will be if you do your homework and choose a web host that’s on the up and up.

There are certain times when having your own server makes sense, like when you’re competing with big box stores and have a lot of traffic. Until then, save your revenue and focus on more important aspects of your business (like handpicking a host instead of a server).

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