Are you looking for a job at a web hosting company, or getting ready to hire for your own business? It’s important to know exactly what you’re looking for so you find the best match. Different companies want different skill sets, and fitting into the culture is just as important as how well you troubleshoot. However, once you start Googling “web host jobs” it’s easy to get lost. There are so many job descriptions out there, how can you possibly narrow it down?

Get a little inspiration, some laughs, and an eye roll or two with these true snippets from web host job ads. As you can see, there are many options out there—are you ready to meet your match?

  1. The scam 

If you’re going to post a job ad, check your grammar and steer clear of over-using question marks and exclamation points. It screams scam. Of course, if that’s what it is, more power to you: “Have you ever wanted to host peoples website for fun and profit?? join (name removed to protect the guilty) and start selling web hosting today! Don’t let GoDaddy make all the money you could be putting in your own pocket, go to (name removed) and sign up for Free! to start selling web hosting now.”

  1. The outsourcer 

Any decent web hosting company will gladly take care of the details when a customer wants to switch from one host to another. It’s not really something you need to hire a contractor to do, but some people can’t play it too safe: “We need to transfer our web host from one to another we have completed a full backup in Cpanel your job is to complete the transfer, test all websites are running fine with no errors.” No offense, but they’re basically hiring a web host to hire a web host. 

  1. The winner

Finally, an ad and company worth getting behind: “Would you like to upgrade and surround yourself with like-minded people and state of the art hardware and infrastructure? How about the opportunity to participate in the architecture and operations of multiple data centers, on networks that power thousands of servers? Do you enjoy building new solutions using cutting edge technologies or solving and troubleshooting complex issues that no one else can?” It’s a great intro, to the point, error-free and touts the benefits of working for them.

  1. The one from across the pond 

The job of Web Host Technician is up for grabs in the UK, where web hosting is an actual job (and not just what the company does). It seems pretty legitimate: “Since this role involves extensive customer and colleague communications, strong written and spoken English is essential. You should also have good organization and time management skills, with the ability to prioritize tasks and apply logical processes when troubleshooting.”

In terms of pay, it ranged from “make as much as you want!” from the scammers to a set project fee of $40 for the web host to find a web host, and a moderate salary starting in the $40,000 range. No matter which side of the job hunt you’re on, remember that your ads will draw in complementary applicants. Make sure you’re putting out the right feelers.

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