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Most people find a web host and stick with them until the end of time. For the average non-tech geek who just wants to get their online presence up and running, web hosts are a mysterious service provider. You might vaguely recall the difference between server types from your early days, but unless you work in the tech industry it’s probably already forgotten. Do you really need to switch web hosts, is it too much work, and what are the costs going to be, anyway?

Asking if you need to switch web hosts is like asking if you need to find someone new to cut your hair. If you’re just kind of satisfied with your look, you know there are better prices out there, or you’re sure there’s a more convenient provider, then the answer is yes—you should look into switching. However, if you’ve taken your time, tried a few out and are sure your provider is the best, then this might not be the journey for you.

Not certain? Here are the main signs you might benefit from switching web hosts. Who knows, there might be an entirely better world of hosting out there for you.

  1. You have more than one percent down time 

While it’s impossible for any web host to guarantee 100 percent up time, having a server down should be a rare occurrence. Ideally, these don’t take you by surprise and are planned out well in advance for upgrades and the like. Your web host should be able to provide you with a breakdown of down time. If it’s more than one percent, you can do better.

  1. You share your server with too many clients 

Shared servers are by far the most common, but the more clients there are, the more you’ll suffer. Slow page load speeds are often caused by over-sharing. There might be an option to switch to a costlier shared package where there’s a cap of users, and that might be a good fit. If that’s not possible, it’s time to start researching web hosts that do offer that cap.

  1. You can’t communicate 24/7

Web hosts might keep regular office hours, they might be available around the clock, and they can have a variety of wait times. The only way to find out is to test out accessibility during off times. It’s best to do this before you’re facing an emergency. Every website owner deserves around the clock support on a platform of their choosing (phone, email, etc.).

Maybe what worked for you awhile ago just isn’t a fit anymore. The most common reasons a person might “outgrow” their web host is actual business growth. Perhaps what started as a hobby, such as selling gourmet dog cookies on Etsy, has exploded into a multi-million dollar business. You might be in need of a dedicated server and find better deals elsewhere, or maybe you’re still okay with shared hosting but need a company that offers 24/7 phone service.

No matter what, don’t feel guilty when you switch providers. Everyone needs to look out for their best interests in business. A better host can improve your revenue, customer satisfaction and your own happiness. Why wait any longer for those kinds of benefits?

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