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Want to be a web host or work for a web hosting company, but don’t know where to start? You can’t get a degree in web hosting, and sometimes those engineering-related degrees just don’t offer enough electives for future web hosts. Plus, you may not even need a degree to get the job of your dreams. Web hosting requires skills which can be honed via real experience and taking the right vocational-esque courses.

Every single website needs a quality web host, which makes this career recession-proof and potentially very lucrative. Taking web hosting courses is a great way to stay competitive—and there are a lot to choose from. Check out these very real courses designed for web hosts and see how you can get a leg up on the competition.

  1. Web Hosting Tutorial

This Udemy online course got 4.5 stars with 233 reviews—and thousands of students have completed it. “Do you want to know how to get your website live on the web with your own domain name and hosting? You’ve come to the right place,” promises the Web Hosting 101 tutorial. It features nine lectures, tips on picking cheap domain names, and it’s geared towards new web designers, students, bloggers and business owners. In other words, you’re not going to start your own web host company with this course—but it might get you interested in such an endeavor.

  1. Digital Technology

This course offered at The University of the Arts is geared towards continuing education students already familiar with some aspects of hosting. You’ll receive a certificate and instructors come directly from the field to offer the latest insights into cloud hosting, security and troubleshooting.

  1. Managing a Hosted Website

This Lynda course goes in depth with recommendations, advice and tools on how to manage a site—which is what the vast majority of web host clients will opt for. It’s relatively “easy” to host a site, but an entirely different beast to manage one. If you want to brush up on introduction to servers, purchasing a domain with multiple tools, using FTP clients and protecting sensitive data, this online course is the one for you.

Courses vs. Experience

Of course, pursuing a traditional degree in a related field such as engineering can offer up a world of possibilities (and electives). If web hosting is what piques your interest, choose a program with the most applicable electives and the most generous room in your schedule to take them. On the other hand, some people swear that experience and innate talent trumps a formal education. That’s something that only you can decide, but if that seems to be the right path, that doesn’t mean it’ll be any easier.

You actually need to pursue that experience in order to capitalize on it by taking entry-level part-time jobs as you study at home, interning, volunteering and exposing yourself to as many new skills as possible. If you can manage it, experience is incomparable—but remember that the world of hosting changes at a rapid pace. It’s easy to get outdated, which means continuing education (no matter how you swing it) is key.

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