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Now that 2016 is officially around the corner, it’s time to check out the hosting statistics to date. If you were on the fence about upgrading from a basic shared plan to virtual private server/VPS hosting, these numbers might just give you the nudge you need! For starters, you might want to look beyond the big names in hosting and consider a boutique host for an improved uptime. Namecheap had the highest downtime of all according to SiteGeek, at .8 percent on average, even though it’s a recognizable host name to many.

Over 3.5 million new gTLDs were registered this time last year, and the overall number has been steadily increasing every year as more website owners are recognizing the benefits. We’re on track to breach the 10 million mark by January 1, which is evidence that generic top level domain names are finally getting the respect they deserve. There are a lot more options than .com, .org, and .edu to think about.

New Year, New Host? 

This year marked Google’s agreement to allow exclusion requests from search results. This was pushed by the EU, and Google agreed begrudgingly, but seems to have stuck to their word for the past 12 months. The rate of all-in-one website publishing services has steadily risen throughout the year, more than doubling in size from this time in 2014. Still, traditional web hosts aren’t losing profits, which proves there’s room for both in the world of hosting.

It’s also the year of cloud hosting, with 94 percent of businesses/organizations with cloud-based applications at least experimenting with cloud hosting—if not adopting it completely. In the 25th year of the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud hosting has become basically a requirement for some larger businesses, as it’s the only option for managing an incredible amount of data.

Lessons from 2015

Gartner has estimated that by 2020, the IoT will have 26 billion installed units and will be creating over $300 billion in revenue. We’re well on our way, with scalability and flexibility being a priority—which is just what the IoT demands. Gartner predicts that in five years, 90 percent of IoT data will be hosted via service provider platforms. That’s why savvy web hosts are already offering hybrid cloud hosting solutions and keeping pace with technology.

In 2015, about 30,000 website were hacked every single day. Most were smaller sites that use content management systems (CMSs) like WordPress. With WordPress, 41 percent of all breaches happen because of lack of web hosting security. The themes and plugins themselves were largely un-breached. Website owners want more security from their host, and in some cases are ditching the all-in-one publishing solution altogether.

Moving into the New Year 

You need security, great customer service, scalability, and options from your web host. If they’re not delivering, you can bet there’s someone else who will. Make 2016 the best, safest, and most profitable year ever. Start shopping for a new host today, and consider an upgrade to VPS for added protection.

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